Lawrence Kisuuki is an African entrepreneur, innovator, technology consultant and digital advocate born in Kampala, Uganda. He is the founder of Innovware, co-founder of Newslibre, Spurzine, Innovware Entertainment and GenOpen.

He is currently using film and other forms of creative media through Innovware Entertainment to tell stories, educate (especially digital) and push the boundaries of what can be achieved with digital media and new technologies.

It is also known that he rarely shies away from his support for equal access to digital tools, information and the internet. As well as more inclusion of Africa in the conversation, creation and governance of global technology.

Lawrence’s hope is that one day more Africans will be able to create unique or harness existing technologies and frameworks to improve productivity, skilling, health/life expectancy, reduce poverty through employment or entrepreneurship and other problems that the continent faces.

Lawrence has been known to take on ventures that are usually considered challenging most often in areas they would never be expected to succeed as well as with an aspect of creating social impact. He uses these to come up with new approaches and to gather immense research and lessons through the journeys.

He is driven by passion and experiences with people who are often overlooked. A misfit himself, he knows that most of the time, these are the people with ideas and the ambition to do great things.

Perhaps this is why he joined the founding of Generation Open (Genopen) with fellow Mozilla representatives to empower the younger generations on better and more responsible utilisation of the Internet through education, collaboration and mentoring to safeguard and build a diverse, respectful and innovative (faster innovation) future.

He has volunteered and partnered with causes by organisations like Mozilla and Streetlights organizing events that reached more than 10,000 people to encourage the adoption of open-source software, empowering and training students and masses how to code, create for the internet, the basics of cyber security, protecting their data online and other undertakings.

Whenever he travels, he learns, trains and shares his experiences with other organisations and like-minded passionate individuals. It is through such events that he got the inspiration to help grow or support the technological ecosystem at home (Uganda) and all over Africa.

He still does consulting work with some companies specially to help them grow in new markets in Africa given his community and marketing experience and others to adopt both new technologies in their operations as well as services or products.

Lawrence has worked either for or with numerous international and regional organisations directly or indirectly such as Andela, Mayondo Engineering Works, Streetlights Uganda, EXP, Kafeero Foundation, etc.

You can contact Lawk here.