About Lawrence

In brief

Lawk is a strategist with experience in marketing, community management, digital literacy and social causes. He is also the founder of Innovware, Genopen, Newslibre and an advisor to the board at Streetlights Uganda.

What does Lawrence care about most?

Lawrence is passionate about many things, most of them rotating around education, technology, entrepreneurship, digital marketing and humanitarian efforts. He on occasion gives talks to empower and share his experience within these areas. 

Mentorship & Education

Lawrence loves to guide and pass on his skills to other people by sharing what he has learned and assisting young people in similar fields as can be seen with his work on GenOpen's Homer project.

Media & Entertainment

He is very passionate about media and the arts, that is why he founded Innovware Entertainment and Newslibre. He writes a lot of stories and has already directed a satirical web show for Spurzine, "The Kabalaza".

Entrepreneurship & Startups

Entrepreneurship has always been at the core of Lawrence's life since he was young. He believes empowering other people to start their own businesses could improve their standards of living.


Lawrence is an advocate for equal access to the internet, computing and technology for everyone regardless of gender or income. He is involved in campaigns to teach girls and other young people code and cyber security.

Core Specialties


He has developed community, digital and business strategies for both local & regional organisations and projects.​

Community Management

Builds loyal, strong and support communities both physical and digital.


Digital marketing, technology consultations and digital literacy training especially in Africa.


Using stories as tools to motivate and share with others lessons from his experience and journey.

His Mission

Inspire 2000 People

In 2017, Lawrence set out to empower 1000 people through numerous activities, a goal which he accomplished in 2018. He has since increased that goal by another 1000.


All time goal


So far


Current goal

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